Taproot Fibre Lab / Our Machines

TapRoot Fibre Lab is dedicated to promoting local flax production. We are creating long line flax fibre processing equipment on a scale that can generate localized economic growth in rural and smaller communities.


TapRoot Fibre Lab Inc evolved out of TapRoot Farms, a leader in sustainable farming practices. The farms CSA (community shared agriculture) program is one of the largest in Canada, with over 500 members. The TapRoot Farms leadership, Patricia Bishop and Josh Oulton, want to not only provide vegetables, meat, eggs and fruit to their CSA members, they want to provide clothes and linens. In 2012 they planted their first crop of flax.


Searching for equipment was difficult and they were not able to find anything that was intended for small scale mechanized processing. The TapRoot Fibre Lab was created and is now designing and building machines to make processing flax on a local scale possible.

Transfer System 

The Flax is automatically transported through each processing station using a series of 4′ aluminum clamps. Operators place the flax in the aluminum clamps and load clamps into the start of the processing line. A conveyor system indexes each clamp through the machines until exiting at the hackling station.